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The TALENT Conference 2019

Inspiring Hospitality Leaders

Thursday 7th February 2019

Principal Grand Central Hotel, 99 Gordon Street, Glasgow G1 3SF

Speaker Q&A

Professor Terry Stevens, Founder and Managing Director, Stevens & Associates.

Q How did you get into your role?

A I spent 20 years serving a kind of apprenticeship – working in every aspect of tourism and hospitality from barman to erecting temporary show venues to promoting bands before and during my time at University studying Geography. I travelled as often as I could to see other destinations. I decided that an MSc in recreational land management would be a good foundation for tourism management. I then work on land management plans for a private estate then joined the Wales Tourist Board before becoming the tourism officer for the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Director of Tourism for West Glamorgan County Council and then becoming the Development Manager for Welsh Historic Monuments. A short time as Professor and Dean of Leisure and Tourism in Swansea and I felt ready to launch my own consultancy – so 35 years on and I have worked in 56 countries around the world on all kinds of tourism related projects.

Q Tell us about the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally and how you’ve overcome this?

A Undoubtedly making sure that I have always stayed ‘ahead of the game’… always travelling, searching for innovation, learning from the best and always trying to push the boundaries.

Q What advice would you give to someone who is considering a HIT scholarship?

A Make the most of every opportunity that comes your way…. But, make sure you apply the lessons learnt in whatever work you do where ever you do it.

Q What’s your biggest achievement?

A Professionally? That’s is for others to answer – Personally, having two wonderful daughters and five amazing grandsons.

Q What techniques do you use in order to help you grow and develop in your career?

A Always keep an open mind, talk to strangers and try something new.

Q Goal setting, swat analysis etc and how can one of our scholars use these in their development?

A Some of the time yes but never ignore intuition and gut feelings.

Q What can attendees at the HIT Talent Conference expect to learn at your session?

A That there is always something new to learn

Q What’s the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

A Just try to make a difference.



Professor Terry Stevens, Founder and Managing Director, Stevens & Associates.

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Terry’s session will look at international best practice and strategies for human resource and talent development that are emerging and how they are aligned to meeting the demands of a new generation of tourism destinations…. And shedding light on some real surprises.

Professor Terry Stevens is Founder and MD of the multi-award winning, international, tourism consultancy, Stevens & Associates.  This Wales-based consultancy has now worked in over 50 countries around the world specializing in destination development, marketing and place-making.  Stevens & Associates clients include many of the major international development agencies (including the UN World Tourism Organisation, UNESCO, and the World Bank) as well as national, regional and city governments. The private sector clients have included Coca Cola, The Buccleuch Group (Britain’s largest private land owner), The Duke of Devonshire, ScottishRacing and the Welsh Rugby Union. Terry is current working on strategic destination development projects in New Zealand, Slovenia, Denmark Bulgaria, Ireland, Northern Ireland England and in Scotland.

He is a member of the UNWTO’s Global Tourism Performance Barometer Monitoring Group. The UNWTO’s Technical Expert on Sport and Tourism and is currently part of the UNWTO and World Tourism Cities Federation Research Group looking at performance areas in city tourism. Terry is, and has been, Visiting Professor at a number of Universities including: Reading, the Dundee Business School, Bergamo (Italy), Maribor, Slovenia), Granada (Spain), NHTV (Holland), Krems and MODULE (Austria), Brighton, and the Centre of Cultural Heritage in Barcelona.

He has been Vice Chair (Strategy) of the Wales Tourist Board and is a regular keynote speaker at global and international summits, including, most recently: The UNWTO Global Ministerial Summit on Sports Tourism in Sochi and Moscow; the Global Wellness Summits in Istanbul and Morocco; the Global Stadia Business Summits in Dublin, Barcelona and Madrid He has written extensively on the subject of tourism development (over 300 books and chapters in books as well as articles in magazines and journals). His new book: “LANDSCAPE WALES” was published in April 2016 and he is now writing a book on great destinations of the world.

In May 2018 he received the Lord Mayor of Swansea’s award for services to tourism.