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The TALENT Conference 2019

Inspiring Hospitality Leaders

Thursday 7th February 2019

Principal Grand Central Hotel, 99 Gordon Street, Glasgow G1 3SF

Speaker Q&A

SallyAnn Tindal, Project Manager, Scottish Enterprise

Developing the Visitor Experience in Glasgow: Sharing the opportunities, challenges and highlights of working in the City to attract one million more visitors”

Q Tell us about the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally and how you’ve overcome this?

A OK, to keep the answer current - how about speaking to the biggest number of people ever at this conference! I will let you know how I overcame this after the event!

Q What advice would you give to someone who is considering a HIT scholarship?

A My advice would be to have an open mind, a “can do” attitude, buckets of enthusiasm, a willingness to work hard and learn and to grab the opportunities to make valuable contacts.

Q What part did HIT Scotland play in the success of developing the Visitor Experience in Glasgow? Did you work with any of our scholars? If so, what role did they play in the success of the project?

A Not yet but we hope to do so! Young Glasgow Welcomes is an initiative that looks to engage with the under 30s to help better understand how employees can attract and retain staff. I am always looking for new faces to join us and to help deliver a Young People’s Charter in hospitality for Glasgow. Secondly, we are just about to launch the second year of our Aspiring Leaders Programme, which is open to people in lower management positions keen to climb the career ladder. This would be an excellent route for HIT scholars to add further experience to their CV to stand out from the crowd.

Q What techniques do you use in order to help you grow and develop in your career?

A Goal setting, swat analysis etc and how can one of our scholars use these in their development? I completed the Destination Leadership Programme (DLP) obtaining an executive certificate in leadership from Napier University in 2016 and the contacts and collaborative opportunities arising from that and its Alumni has been amazing. See the Aspiring Leadership Programme above as the DLP’s little brother! I use mentoring more than anything. I learn from those above me, those outwith the organisation, young people (reverse mentoring is excellent too) and those interactions are most effective.

Q Why is Collaboration so important to the tourism and hospitality sector?

A In big cities with so many public sector partners engaged in the sector and over 2000 tourism businesses, to work in a silo is just not effective. Collaboration allows innovation, creativity, a sharing of insights and support and a voice that can effect change to policy. It avoids duplication of effort and maximises resources in the right priority areas to deliver on the ground. Well that’s what we are trying to do!

Q What does Scotland need to do to compete successfully in today’s global tourism marketplace?

A Scotland is Now! The £6m initiative will bring together the Scottish Government, VisitScotland, Scottish Development International and Universities Scotland to promote the country globally. Tourism is one of Scotland’s biggest and most important industries that puts the country in the international shop window not only as a place to visit, but also to work, live, study and invest. We must be ambitious; we must plan for accelerated growth but we must also have a plan that can realistically deliver on those growth aspirations. We need to make sure as many businesses as possible are bookable online. This will not only ease the planning process for visitors but also mean we are in a position to take full advantage of being in the global shop window.

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SallyAnn has worked for Scottish Enterprise for 20 years and provided support to the tourism industry focusing on destination development, digital innovation, internationalisation, service excellence and leadership. Previously an events manager and tourism consultant, SallyAnn joined SE as part of the team to develop and deliver Loch Lomond Shores in Balloch.

She then worked in Loch Lomond developing new experiences and setting up Love Loch Lomond and moved to Glasgow to develop its tourism offering in 2014. Working with partners including the industry, Glasgow Life and VisitScotland, her role is to create a positive environment for growth in the Glasgow and Scottish economy through delivery of the Glasgow Tourism and Visitor Economy Plan to 2023.

SallyAnn will speak around the themes of tourism innovation, collaboration and creating new tourism ideas and products.