Sharing the Customer Service Knowledge

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Our HIT Scotland scholarships empower development within the industry, and a great example of that is from Lauren McDonald and her Frank Mullen Bespoke scholarship experience.

Lauren is a Hospitality Technician at Fife College and wanted more knowledge and first hand experience of the customer service standards of a luxury restaurant, so that she could then pass this knowledge on to the hospitality students at college.  So through her development, she is now empowered to develop the students, perfect!

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Huge thanks to everyone at The Old Course Hotel in St Andrews for having her visit for a couple of days to shadow both the kitchen and the front of house teams at the Road Hole Restaurant.

Lauren said:  “I learned about the service and standards of a fine dining restaurant and the customer experience involved in creating an enjoyable atmosphere for each guest.  It was enjoyable, interesting and informational, everyone was welcoming and treated me like I had always been there. Both the kitchen and front of house services were so relaxed which was nice to see as they have to produce such a high quality service yet they were so calm in doing so.

“I will now be able to show the students how to create a better customer experience from the moment the guests arrive rather than just when they approach the counter, and how to make sure it lasts throughout until the customer has left.

“Without this scholarship, I would never have seen what it was actually like to work somewhere like the Old Course, and this allows me to tell the students what is required from them if they aspire to work in a 5 star venue like this.  Thank you!”

Alyson Gray