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YourTex UK (via IAM) became a corporate sponsor of HIT Scotland in 2011, and provides custom made workwear for the food, retail, healthcare, corporate, leisure, promotion, hotel & restaurant sectors.

Having worked with some of the best establishments and people in the hospitality industry over the past 6/7 years, YourTex UK has gained an invaluable insight into the expertise, knowledge and requirements of the industry, and is in a strong position to partner clients to meet their objectives and add value, through a very high level of service, and great connections.

In addition, YourTex UK’s parent company, YourTex EU, operates as a manufacturer in the textile sector, which YourTex UK is able to tap into, resulting in offering compelling solutions.

YourTex work in accordance to the strictest European standards. We produce high-quality and tailor-made professional clothing in our production units in Asia and Europe, together with having access to a large core stock range.

We can control the entire production process, from fibre to garment. Therefore, we guarantee a constant, sustainable quality and competitive prices.

YourTex dresses your employees from A to Z and helps you to promote the image of your company.